1. Introduction

Highlander Token ($HLR) is a revolutionary new deflationary cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain. The protocol is designed around the principles of long-term holding, continuous token burn, and sustainable value growth, while also providing an enjoyable and engaging experience for its investors.

2. Tokenomics

$HLR adopts a distinctive tax structure and token allocation plan:

Tax Structure:

A 10% tax on buy orders and a 25% tax on sell orders ensures a sustainable ecosystem and discourages short-term trading.

Buy Tax Allocation:

The buy tax is divided as follows:

– 5% is used to purchase the vault asset
– 5% is burned to maintain token scarcity

Sell Tax Allocation:

The sell tax is divided as follows:

– 10% is used to purchase the vault asset
– 10% is burned to maintain token scarcity
– 2.5% is allocated to marketing/development
– 2.5% is added to liquidity

Token Allocation:

– PinkSale Pre-sale:  10%
– Liquidity:  5,1%
– Vault:  50%
– Development:  10%
– Marketing:  7,4%
– Airdrop:  10%
– Team / Partners:  7,5%

The token contract for $HLR:  0xcBD951f0D1B3fC81fa5388443Da12C1C895ccb98

3. Cycle Length and End

The life cycle of $HLR tokens lasts until either 85% of the tokens have been burned or 6 months have passed, whichever comes first. At the end of each cycle, holders of $HLR at the snapshot receive a percentage (depending on their % of remaining tokens) of the vault asset transferred to their wallets.

4. Security

Highlander Token prioritizes investor protection and market integrity. The protocol has been fully audited to ensure its security and the legitimacy of its mechanisms.

5. Risk Disclaimer

Investing in cryptocurrencies involves risk, and potential investors must be aware of this before participating in the Highlander Token protocol. While we strive to create an environment where everyone can enjoy the process of investing and reap potential rewards, it is essential to understand that this project does not guarantee profits or returns. Potential investors could face permanent losses.

We encourage all participants to approach cryptocurrency investments responsibly and to only invest funds they can afford to lose.

The Highlander team is committed to doing its utmost to grow the protocol and discover vault assets that could benefit our investors, but this should not be seen as a guarantee of profit.

Highlander Token ($HLR) invites investors who appreciate the value of long-term holding and want to be part of an innovative, secure, and rewarding cryptocurrency experience. Join the Highlander family and be part of the journey to redefine the future of deflationary tokens.

Click here to view our contract audit.

6. Vault Asset Strategy

The Highlander Token protocol allocates a portion of both buy and sell tax to the purchase of a vault asset, specifically $Monsta from Monsta Finance.  $Monsta has been selected for the first cycle vault asset, as it is fully backed by $cake and $bnb; so, by owning $Monsta, you will also earn $bnb and $cake.  This provides, for the first time in decentralized finance, a unique “inception” mechanism to provide stability and constant growth of an individual vault share. The assets held in the vault are intended to provide stability and potential rewards for long-term holders of $HLR. At the end of each cycle, there will be a vote to decide which asset(s) will be accumulated for the next cycle.

The strategy for managing these vault assets through Monsta Finance is designed to be both transparent and adaptable, ensuring that the interests of $HLR holders are always the primary focus. Regular updates on the vault’s performance, including accrued yields and strategic adjustments, will be communicated transparently to the community.

By tying the vault asset to $Monsta for the first cycle, Highlander Token aligns itself with a proven and reputable DeFi protocol, aiming to maximize returns for holders while mitigating risks through careful asset management. This strategic partnership intends to solidify the long-term viability and attractiveness of holding $HLR tokens. The team will investigate various options for cycle two and allow for a community vote to choose all future cycles.

7. Community Engagement and Governance

$HLR aims to cultivate a strong, active, and engaged community. Token holders will be encouraged to participate in the governance of the protocol through voting on various proposals, such as adjusting tax rates, token burns, and vault asset strategies. Community forums, social media channels, and regular updates from the core team are vital components of our commitment to openness and dialogue with our investors.

8. Future Developments

The Highlander team has a forward-looking vision for $HLR. Plans include exploring integrations with other blockchains, developing a staking platform to reward loyal holders further, and regularly revisiting and updating the token’s economics to ensure it remains innovative and adaptive in the rapidly changing crypto landscape.

The team is actively seeking partnerships and collaborations that align with the protocol’s mission and values.


Highlander Token ($HLR) is not just another deflationary cryptocurrency; it is a thoughtful and innovative protocol designed with long-term value and community engagement at its core. With its unique tax structure, strategic vault asset holdings, and a commitment to security and transparency, $HLR offers investors a distinct and promising opportunity in the world of decentralized finance. 

Join us in this ambitious journey to redefine what a deflationary token can be and to contribute to a more sustainable and rewarding future in the crypto space.